Within the ICS office on the pier at Bridlington, we have a well-stocked chandlery with everything you need to go out to sea. Walk-in purchases are possible, otherwise, members can pay via their account.


Life Jacket Refurbishing

Don’t take any chances with old or worn life jackets. Drop them off at the office and we will send them away to have the gas replenished and any tears repaired.

Clothing and Footwear

Oilskins, coats, waders, and wellingtons to keep you warm and protected from the elements.


There are always jobs to do to keep things running smoothly, whether you need paint and primer or spare fuses and electrical tape, you name it, we have it or will get it for you by the time you are back on shore.

Pot Making

From needles and twine to pliers and gloves, we have everything in stock that you need to make and mend your pots. Avoid downtime by stocking up on essentials to prepare for any eventuality.


We cater to the needs of boat owners and fishers, providing essential equipment and supplies for navigation, safety, maintenance, and comfort while out on the water.
For more information about using the services of ICS, please email