Independent Shellfish

Bringing you the best shellfish from the coast of East Yorkshire

Passionate about sustainable shellfish

East Yorkshire boasts amongst the world’s finest shellfish. From the dedicated fishers at sea to the harbour crew and office staff, everyone involved with the Cooperative takes great pride in their role in bringing this highly desired delicacy to your plate.

As one of the largest landing agents in the area, we supply wholesalers, upscale restaurants, and food processing facilities across the UK and Europe, taking in approximately 200 tonnes of lobster and 400 tonnes of brown crab annually. Every stage of the process prioritises top-quality produce and environmental sustainability.

If you’re interested in buying freshly caught lobster from the Bridlington pier, feel free to reach out to us. While we can’t guarantee availability due to varying catch amounts and allocations to regular customers, if luck is on your side, you’re in for a treat!

The sea is in our blood

Fishing isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. Most of us at the Cooperative have been involved in the fishing industry in one way or another for most of our lives. Many of our fishers come from families who have been working the sea for generations. Others felt a calling to the sea when young, starting as crew and working up to owning a boat.

Founded in 1996, ISC was established by local fishermen to provide themselves with a collective platform to sell their catch to the wholesale market. Today, over 20 vessels use the services of ISC and benefit from a hassle-free way to run their business.

The benefits of joining us

Landing to ISC offers numerous benefits. With buyers already lined up, our fishers can focus on their craft while we handle the logistics. Each day we meet the vessels on the harbour, weigh their catch and store the live shellfish in containers filled with fresh seawater, ready for collection by customers. We ensure fair pricing and handle all administrative tasks, providing weekly payments directly into the bank. We also supply the bait the fishers need, and this will be waiting for them for the next day’s fishing. This way the fishers can focus on what they do best, and the business is handled for them.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of supplies necessary to work safely and efficiently out at sea. Whether the fishers need clothing, tools, pot making supplies or safety gear, we have a well-equipped chandlery to ensure that nothing holds them back from getting to sea.

For more information on becoming part of the ISC family, please reach out to us at