Shellfish Products

Fishing in and around Bridlington has been going on since the 16th century. In the past a large trawler fleet caught plaice, herring and cod. More recently Bridlington has become the largest shellfish port in England with the Holderness Coast having the best lobster breeding grounds in Europe. The main catches now are lobster, brown crab, velvet crab and whelks. There is also a little finfish landed, primarily bass and sea trout, cod and dover sole.

When any product is landed it is sorted through on the quayside to ensure it is all of the best quality. Any rejects are put back into the sea alive. It is then either put onto one of our refrigerated vehicles for immediate delivery to our customers or placed into our holding tanks. Our tanks are capable of holding up to 14 tonnes of live shellfish. Fresh seawater is pumped in every day, then chilled and filtered before replacing the water in the tanks. This ensures our products are kept in the best condition.