How To Buy

Our shellfish is of the very highest quality and is sold across Europe and throughout the UK.

Wholesale Shellfish Sales

We currently sell to wholesalers throughout the UK and Europe.

We would encourage wholesalers wishing to sell our products to get in touch.

Trade Shellfish Sales

For catering firms, restaurants and hotels we offer boxes of lobster and crab.

We supply 10kg boxes of a single product type, which consists of 9kg of grade A product, and 1kg of grade B product. There is a reduction in price for the grade B product.

All our products are of the very highest quality. Grade B products are simply those that are oversized, or missing limbs and therefore more suitable for inclusion in soups, meals and not necessarily suitable for single plate presentation.

If you require oversized lobster (eg. for a wedding meal centre piece), please let us know when you place your order.

Orders are multiples of 10kg. Minimum order is 10kg of one product type.

All lobster and crab is supplied live, and represents very good value for money.